Our team works closely with you, your physician, your insurance company and your community to provide individualized bleeding disorder care that exceeds the standards established for the industry.

Your Accredo team will include these professionals:

  • Nurse Case Manager - Assists with patient issues, helps to establish home health nursing and answers any questions you may have.
  • Home Care Infusion Nurse - Completes infusions at home, work or school, while educating on care and independence.
  • Nurse Educator - Educates patients, employers, schools, emergency rooms and insurance companies about bleeding disorder care.
  • Pharmacist - Reviews your prescriptions, monitors for any drug interactions and is available for medication counseling.
  • Patient Care Advocate - Contacts you regularly to ensure you have the clotting factor and supplies you need.
  • Insurance Specialist - Obtains prior approval for your factor order from your insurance company (or payer) before shipping and helps explain insurance paperwork; with extensive experience working with insurance companies, this specialist is your advocate for payer issues.
  • Customer Relations Specialist - Ensures your specific treatment needs are supported by the programs and services offered by Accredo or within the community.

Get to know Accredo's Professional Team

We employ some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals in the industry. Get acquainted with some of the members of our team.

team member
Andy Blackledge

Andy has been with Accredo for 21 years. He is an avid hockey fan and has played hockey for the past 20 years. Andy also enjoys scuba diving with his wife and has run six, half marathons in the past four years. Read More >

"I am a person with hemophilia. I became more actively involved in the hemophilia community at the age of 20, during the fallout from the contamination of our blood supply with hepatitis and HIV. I participated as a coordinator in the Men's Advocacy Network of the National Hemophilia Foundation (MANN), which was a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to assist men with hemophilia dealing with their HIV diagnosis. I am a big proponent of the summer camp movement in the hemophilia community for the opportunities it provides our young people to increase their medical independence, leadership and self-advocacy." < Read Less

team member
Vicky Tody, RN, CRNI

Vicky is a registered nurse who has been with Accredo for 20 years. She holds Certified Registered Nurse Infusion credentials and attends seminars and classes every year to increase her knowledge base. Eight members of Vicky's family have hemophilia and her son passed away as a result of HIV and hemophilia. She previously worked as a hospice nurse for children with HIV and has compassion and empathy for those living with HIV and hemophilia.

She has completed nine half-marathons and one full marathon, as well as numerous hikes and bike rides throughout the Northwest. Vicky considers her family and her work supporting other families living with hemophilia to be her greatest achievements. Read More >

"I love being a resource to individuals, educating and providing them with the resources to empower them to live life to the fullest. I truly like helping people and listening to their life stories." < Read Less

team member
Cathy Harber

Cathy is a former Hemophilia Treatment Center nurse at the University of Florida. She has been with Accredo for more than 14 years. As a former pediatric ICU nurse, Cathy has cared for pediatric patients for most of her career. Read More >

"I believe strongly that knowledge does empower. Education offers those facing chronic conditions a way to manage what may be overwhelming moments, and to realize that though this is a part of their lives, it does not define them or their child. I want the patients and families that we serve to find the support and resources that will allow them to move from anxiety and fear to a sense of calm and confidence. This lifelong condition can present challenges from infancy through the golden years, and at each of those steps I find that there are so many opportunities to help, and hopefully to make a difference." < Read Less

team member
Melinda Mathews, RPh

Melinda, who holds a B.S. in pharmacy from the University of Mississippi, has been with Accredo for 16 years. Outside her work with Accredo, she has worked as a pharmacist on medical mission trips to South Korea, Venezuela and Brazil. Read More >

"I enjoy the interactions I have with physicians' offices and with patients and their families. I find satisfaction when we are able to solve a problem or meet a patient's needs by working together as a team." < Read Less

team member
Patty Cheek, LPN

A licensed practical nurse, Patty has been with Accredo for 10 years. After spending several years in different capacities in the medical field, she received her Accredo Customer Service Certification in 2004. Since then, she has received several awards for excellent customer service. In her spare time, Patty is an avid reader and gardener. Read More >

"I love my job. From the very first day I started working, I realized Accredo was the place I was supposed to be. The satisfaction I get when I am able to make it all come together for a patient's factor order is awesome. I have the best team and management a person could ask for." < Read Less